Day 5 – Med Clinic #2

We began our day in a similar fashion to other days – get up, have personal devotions, and eat breakfast. We then relaxed a little before our team devotions. The devotions focused on eternal life and how we need to plan, prepare, and train for that race; it’s not easy and it continues on for ever, but the final goal is the best! Then Anya gave her personal testimony – she did a great job! The staff at PBM is awesome! We left at 12:30 for a 2 1/2 drive to a mountainous village for our medical clinic. We got about 45 minutes into the trip and one of the vans had some engine difficulties, so we needed to leave it behind. We all piled in to the remaining vans and had a very cozy drive the remaining 1 1/2 hours. We were glad when we arrived! They opened the gates to a nice school yard where we were to have the clinic and the play with the kids. They set the clinic up outside and we began to play with the kids. We played a great game of soccer, colored many coloring sheets, threw frisbees, the girls (and guys) painted nails, and did jump rope. We sang our songs and gave our testimonies, and then Pablo preached a message to the crowd. It was surprising at how few men there were during the evening. At the invitation to accept Christ most of the village came forward. It was fun to see the young boys already reading their bibles as soon as they got them! Before we left, Dan told us that most of the men in that village had gone to the US to work. We ALMOST made it back to the base but… On the road to the base, a bus had gotten stuck in some mud and the road was blocked. So after about 45 minutes of debating, Dan decided that we would take the “back road” in. That road ending up taking us out just past the bus! We arrived back to the base, showered, and headed off to bed. Saturday will be our free day at Paradise Landing, with team building activities and a relaxing time. Pray for our final team devotion on Saturday evening. We will see you all at the airport on Sunday night!

Day 4 – La Reyna Visit / Med Clinic 1

Today we visited La Reyna to see Hager Park’s Church plant that was built there 3 years ago. While there we heard from the Pastor and presented the church with a new plague in honor of Tom Smart.

On the way to La Reyna we drove passed the devastation caused by the volcano Fuego last June. The village that was totally destroyed is now being declared a National Cemetery. The somber feeling that we felt driving through the area was heart wrenching.

Med Clinic 1 brought us to the coast of Guatemala and the temperature changed to sweltering. Oh my ! It was a Village of about 30 families and we were graciously greeted from the moment we drove up. This was the first med visit this village has had from PBM. Upon arrival we unloaded all the med supplies and gifts for the villagers. We played a couple hours of soccer, colored, passed out the items from those of you who donated back at home and painted lots of nails (including our boys’s nails being painted by the village children). When all the fun was done, the Jesus Film was presented and followed up with the Pastor giving a flamboyant message of salvation based on our testimonials and singing. Though it was dark, it appeared that all that were present came forward and accepted Christ. We prayed over them and presented them with their own personal copy of the Bible in Spanish. Then we were blessed as the village requested to pray over us, thanking us for coming to them. During these darker hours we were surrounded by God’s nature on display. It thundered and lightning around us but it never rained until we left.

The ride home was 2 1/2 hours long and uneventful, we thank you for your prayers. During the ride, we were presented with amazing views of the volcano Fuego displaying small blooms that lit up top of the volcano. We could never imagine what an actual eruption looked like.

Day Three

Today was dedication day. We went into the day not sure what to expect but we knew it was going to be a powerful day. We spent the past two days building homes and relationships to show them God’s love and bring them know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. All five families that we built for accepted Jesus into their hearts. Praise God!!!

Day 2

Good morning Everyone,

Team Hagar Park landed in Guatemala safely on Sunday. Yesterday they began building homes alongside the families that they have been called too serve. Please pray for the team today as they continue sharing the love of Christ here in Guatemala.